Cederic Neven (1988) has made a couple of detours before beginning his career as a fine artist.

He initially studied to be an interpreter, but found out soon after graduating that he had more passion for the drawings he scribbled in the margins of his notes than for the actual interpreting itself.

So he searched for an education that would give him a solid drawing foundation and stumbled upon the animation department of the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels, where he studied to be a traditional animator. After having drawn in black and white all his life, he now had to produce images in color for his graduation film and set upon learning more about the art of painting. A summer course at the Florence Academy of Art was enough to get him hooked on classical painting. He has been educating himself on the subject ever since.

Cederic has worked as a traditional animator and background artist for animation film studios such as Walking the Dog and Enclume. He currently divides his time working for the renowned artist David Claerbout and doing his own painting projects.